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hit 80 miles in catalina. no tsunami warning has been issued. people say the quake shook them out of bed. >> eric: as we said a little frost out there th morning. you had to scrape the windshield. >> i did have a scrape the wind shield. temperatures a little cooler and moisture in the air. you can see showing up on live doppler 7-hd. it's not making it to the ground right now but possibility of light rain. you can see this arcing nature in the radar it means the radar is shooting up into the clouds. it's just topping off the clouds. that is good news. we have chance a light rain. closer you are to the ocean the more likely you will get light rain. we will be dealing with cool conditions. 49 will be the warmest inland.
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>> good morning. just road work right now. southbound golden gate bridge on the northern portions of the span, down to one lane for hundred feet and then back to two. slow traffic due to southern marin. this is past lukas valley reside and very light. eastbound closed at levy ridge due road work there and there is a detour in place. >> eric: employees at a fire in fremont will learn today how the business plans to get going again. a fast-moving fire gutted c and h enterprises, a medical fabrication plant. amy hollyfield shows us what is left today. >> reporter: firefighters will be trying to figure out the caused to. take a look behind me. the building is not safe. they have secured it to keep
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people from getting inside. they are waiting until engineers can go inside and give the all clear that it is safe in there. this caught fire in fremont just before 2:00 yesterday afternoon. firefighters say the fire was intense, that the roof collapsed and they weren't able to go inside. there were about 60 employees inside the building when the fire started, one person even tried to put out the fire. >> i tried to do something but it just caught on too fast. it was pretty devastating. >> this fire was fully involved when we arrived. >> reporter: no one was literature. everyone got out okay. firefighters did evacuate a few buildings around c and h as a precaution but they cut it to this building. a firewall played a big role from keeping it spreading. director of operations at the
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company says they have good insurance and it will cover the lost wages for employees. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> kristen: there will be extra security at two south bay schools when they reopen on th morning. they will be on campus at monte vista high school and cupertino high school after a bomb threat. graffiti scrawled on a wall a different school claimed there was bomb at montevista and threatened to kill a teacher there. no device was found after complete sweep. authorities say they are making sure that teacher remains under protection. >> eric: woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby is expected to be arraigned today on charges of child cruelty. a man found the baby lying in the bayview district. she identified as 39-year-old nanekka nash.
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doctors say they found traces of cocaine in the newborn's system. >> pg&e is rushing to inspect more than 1500 pieces of under ground electrical equipment in the bay area for possible safety hazards. this comes after required inspections intended to head off disastrous accidents may not have actually been performed. pg&e has experienced explosions and fires in under ground vaults in san francisco including one in union square in 2005 that sent a manhole cover into the air and injured a passerby. they suspended employees when they claimed to check equipment when they did not. >> a man is scheduled on to be in court today. steven reid died at monday at a hospital after he and his girlfriend were found tied up in the middle of the street.
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police believe they were victims of a brutal home invasions by a group of acquaint and in the vis it station valley neighborhood. one is suspected to be arraigned and three suspectings who are woman are to be at the hearing. >> a robbers hit pharmacies in dublin and pleasanton. this map shows the four stores the men targeted yesterday. in each case the robber handed over a note demanding prescription drugs and claiming to be armed. they think two or more people are working as a team. >> eric: a woman is recovering after falling into the bay off the embarcadero. it happened between waterfront restaurant and ferry building. she was quickly rescued and she appear to be intoxicated. the woman was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >> kristen: portland mall where
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gunman including three lives including his own. a candlelight vigil is set for tonight. police are trying to find out 22-year-old jake rockets walked into the town center on tuesday wearing a hockey mask and camouflaged clothing and opened fire. a teenage girl was also bounded. his ex-girlfriend said he quit his job and sold everything days before the attack but there is still no clear motive. >> eric: susan rice withdrew her name for consideration for consideration as next secretary of state. she came under critical analysis after a deadly attack in benghazi. katie marzullo will join us who is else is being considered for the job and how it could impact other key positions. >> you talk about how frosty ti
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it was this morning. did you have to do scraping of the windshield. >> i used the did he fros terrify but when you become a californian you don't have an ice scraper anymore, mike. >> your credit card. i actually have one when we came from minnesota. you never know when you might need it. it might be a good good christmas present. radar satellite, you can see a light blue, green, so far nothing reaching the ground. siart just too dry and let's talk about how comb it is. interior east bay valleys, hollister, salinas valley, under a frost valley where the lows are around 30-34. definitely going to be difficult to see out of the car earlier if you can't get out and scrape it. temperature dropped down to 29.
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here is a look at some of the temperatures. for about 34 in santa rosa. 35 in napa. 32 in livermore for the cool spot. 36 in redwood city to about 43 in oakland, 44 in san francisco and around 40 in san jose. as we head throughout the day we're going to have a slight chance of slight rain near the coast. temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. we'll get a better chance of rain tomorrow. scattered rain around sunday but notice the temperatures will start to climb as we head through the weekend. dry roads this morning. that is good news for your friday morning commute. first look at the bay bridge toll plaza, few headlights passing through. no issues on the upper deck making your way into san francisco. san mateo bridge this morning, taillights headed over to westbound in san mateo, foster city area, just a few taillights and brake lights at the high-rise, about 13-14 minutes
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between the peninsula and the east bay. north 101, load work, i saw this coming in. mill valley to larkspur, repaving project underway until 6:00 a.m. three right lanes until 9:00 a.m. one lane is getting by in the eastbound direction. they are striping the roads, 880 both dreblgsz fruit val and embarcadero, expect various lane closures in both directions. >> kristen: listen very closely, cyber crooks preparing to funnel money out of your bank account. what you need to do to protect yourself. >> and new twist on the lockyer sex and drug scandal. her latest over the rehab and
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>> eric: welcome back. one of bay area's political scanneds of 2012 has taken a major turn. i-team has learned that former service nadia lockyer has allowed a restraining order against her boyfriend expire. her career imploded after a violent confrontation with her boyfriend ten months ago. they talked about their meth use and sex tape. he she remains in drug rehab and her attorney made a statement. >> nadia will go through treatment and reconsider her options and one of options will be, of course, to continue to pursue this. another option may be to let matters lie where they are. >> eric: her husband filed for divorce in july but nadia's attorneys said the divorce is on
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hold. bill lockyer is paying for her stay in drug rehab and also bringing their son to see her on a regular basis. >> a massive cyber attack and it could affect your bank account. the plan involves dozens of banks. lilian kim has the details you need to know. >> reporter: we wanted to inform consumers. just be aware. >> reporter: mack afee has been investigating for months and they say the evidence is clear. hackers are planning to attack your bank account. he has so far detected hundreds of computers with sophisticated malwa will re. >> when you try to log into the financial institution, that is when it will activate. it rereplicates on a server in russia. once they clone it they try to log into the bank. >> it involves funneling money
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out of 30 banks. hope is the financial industry way of dealing with seener thieves will minimize any loss. chief investment of merk fund. >> utility companies that deal with i.t. and from that point they have the resources to deal with these issues. it's the cost of doing business. >> he says the plan likely involves targeting people with high net worth but all customers are advised to make sure the anti-software is working the way it is supposed to. >> the evidence real personal for attack, we think the likelihood is high. >> eric: 4:45. oakland and san francisco police departments, both depth will hold gun buy-back programs. they will get $200 cash per
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weapon but the limit is three. in oakland the buy-back program will it be held at st. been digits church, in san francisco, it's omega's boys club. we have more information on our website at, look under "see it on tv". >> kristen: one of hayward's most familiar land marks needs repairs after damage done after a series of storms. they were sizing up the damages to one of the church's bell towers. they soar hundred feet in downtown hayward. it cats back hundred years and parish started in 1868. they have started a fund to fix the damage and shore up other parts of their aging church. we have another series of storms that will cause some additional concern there. >> kristen: let's find out mike.
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>> several systems are coming in, but they are moisture starved they are not going to be what we had lately. any time we have storms coming from the west not like due west where we have the damaging storms. dry sky as we look back from vollmer peak and into san francisco. you can see the clouds out there being lit from the lights into the city this morning. let's take a look at live doppler 7-hd. you can see the clouds haven't made it over to the east bay valleys. that is where you will find your coolest temperatures. enclose clouds are roaming across everywhere else. so far no rain making it to the ground but the darker green you see auto over the ocean that probably has a better chance of actually reaching the ground. that will be the case with this storm. it's shifting over the ocean it has than over our neighborhoods. then the models changed a little
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bit and now they are back. east bay valleys, everywhere you see in yellow that is where it's going to be colder and frosty cold until 8:00 this morning. 680, out 4 and even around rodeo and pinole, richmond, frost. temperatures in the 30s except for antioch. check out redwood city, 36. san jose at 39. low to mid 40s out to the coast. temperatures in the 30s around the monterey bay and inland. monterey at about 41 degrees. today's rain is best over the ocean. we'll have a better chance of seeing rain tomorrow and if you don't get any then, more chances to include you in the crowd as we head through next week. fast moving cold front, it has limited moisture. you can see behind it a bit of break during the afternoon and overnight hours. this storm comes in for saturday. on the left side of your screen, that is for next week.
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the high pressure that is what is steering all those storms towards us. the best rain over the ocean. let me get out of way you can see it. stray shower up around noon. by 7:00, clouds are opening and you are needing a heavy coat as temperatures drop into the 40s and even the 30s. sun, we don't see much on saturday. clouds roll in early in the morning hours and rain comes in around 11:00 and then scattered light rain throughout the afternoon and evening hours. overnight, it becomes more of a drizzle and heading toward sunday, scattered waves very far light rain. we're talking about a tenth to a quarter of an inch total out of those two systems. another chance on monday but notice the temperatures are starting to hit the upper 50s to near 60. a little cooler with next chance of rain tuesday and wednesday. >> pretty light, san jose, northbound 87, past the pavilion
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headlights passing through the screen. julian off-ramp to get an idea where we are. back to the bay bridge, still very light as you make your way westbound. no problems. some road work, at washington, two right lanes and the off-ramp washington off-ramp just for a few minutes until 5:00 this morning. dumbarton, one lane getting by there and north 101 peninsula from 92 towards third, three left lanes, road work until 6:00 a.m. this morning, you can see slow traffic senators and red dots moving in that direction and that will be picked up at 6:00 this morning. >> time is 4:50. two police officers in mexico have been arrested for stealing evidence in the site where singer jenni rivera's plane crashed. they were found at the officer's homes. last night a car carrying the
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remains was given a police escort through long beach. drug enforcement administration is investigating the company that owns the luxury jet that crashed killing the pop star and six others on sunday. they say they had two planes seized this year by federal law enforcement. >> coming up, how is your back? the people you probably don't know who will be offering you protection during the holidays. >> and are you thinking about going about for
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bart patrons took advantage in the effort to keep people safe. they provided tree escorts for people walking to their cars. escorts gave them an extra sense of security especially since it gets darker earlier this time of the year.
4:53 am
>> for the holidays, they do it any way they can. it's better than be safe and sorry. >> if you are texting and not paying attention you become a victim of a crime of opportunity. bart police pointed out they walking escorts year a round. all you have to do is ask a bart station agent. we want to thank you to make abc7 share your holiday food drive a great success. you donated more than $22,000 to bay area food banks on wednesday. that translates to food for 70,000 people. our share your holiday food drive continues through december 31. donate by calling the number on the screen or give $10 by texting the word feed to 80077. like us or click us donating online. several ways to give. we encourage you to check it out
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at mike, my ice scraper disappear eons ago. >> sometime had it, its small one and stuck it in the back of the car. it's nice to have. definitely frosty conditions, good morning. look at the highs in the afternoon, only in the 40s inland, some lows 50s as we head around the bay and out to the coast. remember we have a chance of light rain and even a scattered light shower during the afternoon hours. most of the moisture is making up to the north and making it to the ground. it is heading towards tahoe. you will get snow showers and better chance of light snow on sunday. no chain requirements right now up in the sierra except for highway 88 but 50 and 80 are clear. watch the crews on the golden gate bridge, you see the
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flashing lights picking up those cones and reconfiguring for your road commute. bay bridge, still light and no problems into san francisco. eastbound 4 remains closed due to load work. they have a detour in place. mill valley to larkspur, you might find slowing in the northbound direction. >> new this morning, the senate turning its attention to a $60 billion disaster aid package for sandy victims. they will debate the bill on monday. republicans are looking at a smaller initial package to cover immediate needs. they are awaiting for more detailed evidence on damages for additional spending. meantime, the teachers' union are pledging a billion dollars to help repair roads and bridges blue shield is proposing raising rates as much as 20% to individual policyholders.
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>> shame on you! >> past rate hikes have attracted molesters outside offices in san francisco. under the plan, the average rate hike would be 12% but some could see rate increases as high as 20%. consumer groups point to their huge cash reserve and nearly 4 bye and say some of the money should be used to off set the rate increase. they say the money is needed it can pay all climbs. >> if you get up extra early to go for a run, new research suggests that best time may be the afternoon. they used mice how exercise affects the internal clock. they thought they would see the best results from morning exercise but instead, mice that ran later make more proteins.
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>> it's 4:57. a pair of powerful earthquakes hit off the southern california coast. we are watching for any reports of damage. >> and 7 on offer o your side michael finney will show us where we can get the coolest gifts for under $25.
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good friday monk, december 14th, it's 5:00. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. it's chilly and frosty out there for some of us. you may have

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